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Hi, everyone.

Question for Stef.and gang.

I'm a new guy but, fortunate to be in a position to essentially study full-time for the next few years (2-3.)

My long term goal is to become incredibly proficient in Wordpress and do freelance work.(this is the general idea)

Given a total study time avaliable of 4/5 hours a day. What would be some guidelines or suggestions you would have on optimizing the time.

(I do have your Fullstack) I was considering going even deeper Into the Darkness...PHP. 

Any suggestions or points in the right direction would be helpful



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Here is your roadmap to Wordpress freelance work:

  1. Do the StudioWeb core language training: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL
  2. Do the Wordpress Themes course in the projects
  3. Do the CRUDE project course as well
  4. Start learning the Wordpress ecosystem ... know what the options are for the top themes, plugins, e-commerce options.

My Business Battleplan course will help with the freelance/business end of things. 

You will be good to go. 

I assume you know the basics of Wordpress. 


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