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I do not need to get into detail about the high profile data breaches of recent times, you are sure to know of most of them. Maylaysia just had a breach of 46 million mobile phone numbers and some have been found for sale or free on the dark web.

So how do you find out if your data is out there in the dark web?

One way is: Have I been pwned? https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Just enter your data, for instance your email and it will check it's database to see if your email has been found on any websites serving up breach data.

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Mozilla and 1Password Integrate 'Have I Been Pwned' Feature



While awareness of data breaches outside the technology community may be rising, many people still have no idea if their email addresses or passwords have ever been compromised.

Cue this long-term problem: Anyone who's unaware that their data may have been stolen may keep using the same password over and over again. They may also reuse it across different sites, thus putting their personal information and accounts at risk. And websites - even innocent ones - may find themselves left having to help clean up the mess when fraudsters wielding stolen or dumped username and password combinations begin trying to use them across hundreds or thousands of sites to see where they might work.

To help, Troy Hunt, an Australian security expert, created a free service called Have I Been Pwned that lets users see if their email address has appeared in a breach. Subscribers get notified directly - via email - if that email address appears in a new breach. Hunt's service has proved to be popular, with even some governments now getting on board.
Now, new integrations with Mozilla's Firefox browser and the password management application 1Password, announced Tuesday, will expand the free service's reach.


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