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Amazon Key takes deliveries to new level: Inside your home


Amazon delivery into your empty home with AmazonKey  

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  1. 1. What is your first thought on reading this?

    • This is awsome!
    • Great idea, might do it, but feeling uneasy.
    • Good idea I guess, but I have my misgivings about how secure it would be.
    • Really? (Sarcastic tone/Shake ing of the head)
    • This is stupid and a security nightmare.
    • How are Amazon Drones to open my door? ;-)
    • Nope! My dogs will rip either the packages or the deliverer to pieces, leave it outdoors! ;-)

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Amazon Key takes deliveries to new level: Inside your home


This is another example of IoT (Internet of Things). A house lock and cameras connected to the ionternet. Now I will admit like many other IoT items this sounds very usefull. Here in my little rain foprrest corner of Alaska it has literally ranined 90+% of the days this summer. My wife buys alkot online and then we get home and find soaked boxes infront of the door. Yea, so this would be an awsome service!

But is it secure? It may net be well covered in local news but in the security fiekd it is well known that most security camers in homes these days have crap for security software and are easy to hack into. When they created the lock, did the manufacturer have a good team looking at it from the security point or can a hacker easily crack your house lock online and let people in? There is a case recently where a lock company downloaded the wrong update to locks: Smart Locks Receive Bad Update; Hundreds Taken Offline.

So, aside from general human laziness etc. saying how great the idea is... Anyone wondering if this is a real good idea from the cyber security point of view? Anyone feeling a bit queezy at the idea? Anyone wondering what your insurance will think about this (not pay or raise rates?) Anyone wondering who is liable if it is hacked and your house is ransacked?

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