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Javascript Written Exam At Concordia Continuing Education

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I am very concerned about the written exam.It is the first time I am getting a written exam since I started Concordia in 2010.
Would you know if it s a multiple choice or a coding exam.I am very confused at the fact that I won't have
a computer that allows me to verify if my coding is going in the right direction.
My teacher for ADOBE DREAMWEAVER - INTERFACE DESIGN was Santo Romano.My teacher now for this last course is N. BASHA.I e mail him many times but no response.Can you please help me get this answer because written exam is on October 22nd 2014 & November 19th 2014 which are my Mid Term & Final Calculated on 50%.


I have purchased many of your material and am studing javascript & jQuery with your DVD S .Please help me.





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You will probably be ask to write basic code ... fill in the blanks stuff and maybe write very short code snippets. For example:


1. Write a simple function that calls alert();


Your answer would be:

function callAlertFunction() {
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So, how have you passed your exam? I'm going to have one soon, pretty nervous about it( I've already purchased some training exams and have practiced so much, but I'm still not confident in my knowledge enough. Looking for any suggestions here(( The best training course and lessons from all I've tried was SPOTOclub.com. They have a professional team and 17 years of IT training experience. So, their servicing is believed to be one of the best. Hope it will be okay!

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