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What's The Best Way Of Backing Up Wordpress


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I am creating a blog for a charity and I can't afford to get it wrong.  I am not an expert on wordpress by any means so the most important thing for me is to make sure I have solid backups.  What is the best software or plugin if I am creating a site that I can't afford to go down and not be able to restore. 


I don't mind paying, I just need the most reliable. I am thinking vaultpress or Backup Buddy,.


Any advice would be great. I am not technical and I just need something I can just pretty much set and forget and trust it's doing it's job and if there is an issue with my site I just click a couple of buttons to restore. 


Below are the backup softwares I have seen online but what is the best and most reliable?

1. VaultPress
2. Backup Buddy
3. Backwpup
4. Backupwordpress
5. Updraftplus
6. Duplicator
7. WP-DB-Backup
8. Backup Scheduler
9. Blog Vault
10.Complete Central Backup
11. Myrepono
12. Online backup for wordpress
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Everybody is different when it comes to backups. I use WP-DB Backup but I have other clients use other types of backups. I think some are overkill while others are lacking. You need to just install the plugin and try it.  However, I would make sure that whatever plugin you use that it supports your current version of WP and it has at least 4 stars.


The other option is to check with you host. Some host keep backups for up to 7 days but my host is now saving backups 30 days back. You will also need to check with your host if they backup the site files as well as the db.

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