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Ben's Cms - Changing Default View To 'preview Page'


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Hey all, 

I'm still playing around with Ben's CMS system, changing a few things here & there, to taste.

I'm wondering what exactly I need to do to change the default view of the editable fields to 'preview', rather than 'edit'.

I would much rather a user's first view to be the read-only version.

I've played around with the toggle in the JS, but it doesn't seem to be the place I'm looking for...

Does the "b_editing" class that gets added to the body tag have to do with it?



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Probably the easiest way to do it would be to use CSS to hide .fp_edit_type and .fp_edit_link (or whatever class your site uses, in case you have changed the "fp" prefix) when the page first loads. You could do this directly with CSS (ideally), or with a call on page load to 




You'll also need to change the "Preview Page" link to be "Edit Page" when the page first loads.

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