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  1. Hey all, I'm still playing around with Ben's CMS system, changing a few things here & there, to taste. I'm wondering what exactly I need to do to change the default view of the editable fields to 'preview', rather than 'edit'. I would much rather a user's first view to be the read-only version. I've played around with the toggle in the JS, but it doesn't seem to be the place I'm looking for... Does the "b_editing" class that gets added to the body tag have to do with it? Thanks!
  2. No, I can appreciate the old habits part. I was honestly curious as to the necessity of it, as I was currently trying to solve a different problem within that same series (since resolved). Thanks for the clarification, Ben.
  3. I'm following along with Ben's CMS tutorial (great, by the way). All is working as it should, until we get to the part where we enable the login functionality on the colorbox buttons. When I login, I can see (through the partial opacity) that when the page reloads, the 'login_link' at the bottom changes to 'Logout', but the colorbox continually reloads, and cannot be stopped. What I get from this is that every time the v_login/v_loggingin pages get called, the JS fires & loads the colorbox. And everything I do inside the colorbox reloads the v_login/v_loggingin pages. Just a vicious circle! I can comment out the 'window.location.href' portion of the code, and it solves the issue, but I understand the need for it (getting rid of the ? info), so want to keep it as close to Ben's original as possible. I also changed the .live to .on in the script. I can post code as needed here, but I'm hoping this may just be a forehead-slapping moment that someone will correct me on just by hearing the issue. Thanks! UPDATE: I got it working. A silly error on my part within core.php's head() function. I had '||' in place of the needed '&&' in the second if statement. Carry on, folks! Nothing to see here...
  4. Is this still necessary? I was under the impression that since the advent of HTML5 you only needed the vanilla <script> tags, since by default it is assumed to be javascript now, no?
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