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Frames... Again


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I am a neophite when it comes to HTML and an absolute begininer when it comes to CSS, learning fast.


I have a specific question that is related to my personal that I am in the proocess of building.


To facilitate the navigation I once upon a time had designed a site with frames and...  Well frames do not 'work' anymore,


Thedesign I have in mind his described here:




Everywhere I look I am more or less instructed to look onto iFrames.  Trouble is, at the moment this is way over my head.


Can you give me specific pointers, not the code, so that I learn to fish...  Code.


I have created a directory as I have a ^%^% problem:

The first frame what it is supposed to, the others?  Nope.


Here is the link


There is no index in there so you can look at the code and yell at me for being incompetent!!! :wub:


Software used: Dreamweaver CC...


Err is it better if I attach files?




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The first thing would be to determine what it is you want to use the frames for.


The most common use of the old frames was to not to have to repeat one part of a webpage that is the same on several pages - usually stuff like header, navigation, or footer.


that in itself is still a great approach, but a much better way to go about that is to use php includes. Stef has a great tutorial on that:

Part 1: http://www.killerphp.com/videos/02_php_includes/02_php_includes.html

Part 2: http://www.killerphp.com/videos/02_php_includes_part_2/02_php_includes_part_2.html


On the other hand, iFrames are a good way to include external content into a page of your site. For example, if you would want to show a You Tube video, or maybe an news article or blog from somewhere else.


Does any of that make any sense? Let me know if you have questions.

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Thank you for the prompt answer.


Does any of that make any sense? Let me know if you have questions.

It does make sense...  just php...  I am a photographer, not a progammer.  Still I can read programming so if the two liks you provided are not way above my head I may find some help there.


My concern is that the <frame> tag will throw out too many browser since it is not included in the HTMLS (shows how much I really, doesn't it?



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I would really stay away from frames and iframes as much as possible. That's an outdated approach that has a lot of limitations. Definitely take a look at Andrea's links on PHP includes -- they are quite easy to work with and you don't really need to be a programmer to understand them.


The only main catch with PHP is that you do have to be running a PHP server for them to work properly, which either means installing something like WAMP (for Windows) or MAMP (for Mac) if you are doing development on your local computer, or making sure to upload the files to your hosting where you should already have PHP set up.

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Ben, are you saying you would not recommend using iFrames for anything? What would you use if you wanted to insert external content?


Ron, if you use PHP includes, there is no frame tag.


You haven't said yet what you want to achieve by using frames or a frame-like method.

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I'm just saying don't try and use iframes as a replacement for frames. Obviously there are specific use cases for iframes (inserting videos, social feeds, etc.), but I wouldn't use them as a layout tool.

 Ok - get it. That's pretty much what I tried to say. Just making sure I was on the right track.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Honestly I have given up with the frames and use <div> instead.


This is a project that is way over my head at the moment so I placed it in the backburner and publish my posts using a blog.  I refer to them from a single page.  That will change once I am more confortable with my research an learning.


Thank you both for your help and patience.


Oh, just noticed... What is a 'warning point'?

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I think there is still some confusion going on. Divs and frames are not exchangeable. Each jane their own purpose and function.


About those warning points, I think they are issued to someone violating forum rules.

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