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Facebook Backlash Begins ...

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So as a result of Facebook bringing the hammer down on businesses, where now if you want to reach most of your 'friends' you have to pay. Facebook users are beginning to revolt:


A food-delivery startup called Eat24 touched off a minor frenzy of anti-Facebook sentiment recently with an open letter that said it is “breaking up” with the giant social network, as a result of the changes that Facebook has been making to its newsfeed algorithms — changes that Eat24 says are so unfriendly it is deleting its Facebook page altogether. It’s just the latest in a series of complaints from brands and prominent users about how the social network is downgrading their content and charging them to reach the followers they used to reach for free.


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The world will be a better place without Facebook; people need to stop being so trusting of private corporations and governments with their personal data.

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