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jtip - tooltip plugin help!


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Hi people, im new here! Im trying to finish a project im doing on a little course at the moment,we have to brand own make believe design company, and create a website..


Im trying to implement this:



On this website:



To find the particular section where im using it, click the About tab, then the little blue 'down' arrow on the bottom right until you get to 'FAQ'.


Nothing seems to be happening except a slight change in the vertical scrollbar on the main browser window when you hover over the question mark ive put there..


Can anyone help me out? Id be more than happy to send the files if anyone thinks they can lend a hand



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I can see the tip of the ajax page at the bottom of the screen when I hover over the question mark, thats why a scrollbar appears and the question mark moves because of that and the hover gets cancelled because the question mark is no longer under the mouse pointer. And it repeats and repeats.


Have you included the jTip CSS file with necessary instructions?


If you have then just try putting:


body { position: relative }

#JT { position: absolute }

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Ahh thanks, youre completely right. Sorry i think i must have been working on it too long when i tried to add this.. i didnt include the css file.. shame on me!


Out of interest, do you know what this means, it was within the css file:


/* ----- add selectors here for font sizing ----- */

#JT_close_left, #JT_close_right{font-size: 1.1em;}

#JT_copy p, #JT_copy ul{font-size: 1.1em;}

p, label{font-size: 1.2em;}

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