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I LOVE the design, and the play on the SuSE logo (i'm a Fedora user, myself ;)!


As far as SEO goes, you need to start by picking your 3 most relevant phrases, and using them in the title (see my signature sites for examples of what a good title looks like). Whatever phrases don't fit in the 3 most important can go in the page content.


That would be a good start for you.


Good luck!

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lonisis, sometimes, it's helpful to check dates. The post you're responding to is from last November, and when you click on the link to the poster, you'll find that carmen hasn't been back here since.

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Do you think that perhaps it may be because he felt left out?
Maybe -- we try, but every so often, a post does go unanswered. It doesn't bother the forum, if one gets a late reply, but considering age of post and last time of sign-in of poster, it's highly likely that the reply will ever be read by whomever asked, and especially if it's a peer-review, then nobody else really benefits, so you can save yourself some time. So no need to apologize, I was pointing the date thing as a general hint.


And welcome to the forum.

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