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Hello All,


I've been helping a friend with a web site for a Florists. I would like to transfer some of the site onto CD or DVD so she could give it away as a gift at fayres etc. or if someone pops into her shop for information. I have noticed some hotels do this now.


How can I do this so it would also autorun? Also what would be the best format to do it in or is it the same as the web page?


Thank you,


Best wishes


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For Windows, you'll need to add a file to the CD that specified which file you want to automatically run when opening the CD. There are a lot of examples online; here is one: http://www.burzurq.com/forum/autorun_html.html


For Mac, I'm getting confusing information, so you might have to do some research. This page (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/133/tn_13374.html) indicates that there is currently not an "autorun" feature on the Mac, and your best bet is to add a readme file to the user can open up if they are confused.


You should be able to use standard HTML files on the CD -- you shouldn't need to change the format.

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