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Adding blog to existing site?

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Hi I have just found this website, looks like a great place to find some pointers.


I looked through the previous posts on this but didn't really clear up my query.


I want to add a blog to an existing site but have it appear to be part of the site, here is an example i found.




My question really is how do i add it so the entire page has the same feel of the rest of the site and the menu is the same?


All the wordpress blogs seem to be a bit hard to change.


thanks for any help you can give me or point me in the right direction.



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Most CMS/blogs have the option to add your own code to the header and footer. Wordpress is probably easier than you think.


I can give you 3 examples of sites I've done that are using a seperate software along with Wordpress.


www.euphoriababy.com/ (click on Blog at top right)

www.maximumsecurity.com/ (blog links lower left footer)

www.wildlifesystems.com/ (click on Recent News from left nav)


So yes, you can take your current design and make it work seamlessly in Wordpress or any other blogs you might use.

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