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What does js.path mean?


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See this download. http://code.google.com/p/fancybox/issues/detail?id=39 it's a supposed fix for IE8 opacity/png in combo with jQuery fade bug. But why the strange extension? Does that mean I should add it to the main JS file or other you think? I tried just adding it in a block of it's own after the plugin - didn't work.

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It's not uncommon to add what I call dummy extension for files that are not zipped.


Files with .js extension normally opens up in some browsers like Firefox. Other files like .exe, .com, .doc, .txt, etc. can tend to open or run the file instead of providing a download window.


Of course normally we would zip them. As for the .js, there isn't much to zip (555 bytes) and so supplying a .path suffice.


Now if by chance this .path extension is some kind of new zipping program, I never could find anything on the net about it. Reason why I mention this is because last week I received a font from someone that uses .dfont extension. It's some kind of font export file and it looks like it's for a Mac.

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Thanks Eddie for looking into that. I couldn't really find any info on it either. And I couldn't get it to fix anything in IE8 either. I found another (possibly prefered) workaround. Like my last similar problem, the opacity bug only comes to light when it's fading in (ie can't do both). On img tags, fancybox doesn't fade in (only if you specify it to). So I just added a img tag to the link, and that kills the bug and adds a cool effect to boot. Instead of fading in, it grows from the link. Then I just added img width zero.

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