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New E-Commerce Site Review

Guest Gareth

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Guest Gareth



This is my first e-commerce site although I've been doing web design for 15 years. I would appreciate you feedback on the overall look of the site, it's ease of navigation, etc. There is currently one problem with the checkout which I need to resolve my service provider.


Here is the link: http://www.rubyriversphotography.com/


Thank you!



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Too much wasted space.


Move the photographer's name to be horizontally aligned with the phone number.


Remove the spacing between the photographer's name/phone number (about 10px spacing)

Remove the spacing between the top nav and the content area. (about 10px spacing)


Gallery: It looks like you need a 'Loading...' while the gallery is loading or else it just stays blank for about 6-8 seconds for high speed connection. Probably 30 or more seconds for dial-up. Also, too much space between the gallery image and the top nav. I understand that when a user hovers over the image that a dropdown appears providing details about the image. It would probably be better if it drops down over on top of the image or move it to the bottom between the image and the controls.


PAYPAL image. Looks too blurry. It will probably be better if you find an image for each vendor (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal) and put it together yourself using no background and a background that is not overbearing.


As for the shopping cart, make sure you SSL is assigned correctly. In most cases it's not the host but the implementation of the SSL.


UPDATE: One more thing...


Since you are using php, instead of the javascript for your copyright date (which does not validate) use the php method:


<?php echo date("Y") ; ?>

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