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I have a good handle on css and html, and a bit of javascript. I am designing an independent news website and the methods i am using seem like the hard way. For example, i am just making all the news articles on seperate pages and creating links to them on the main page. I was thinking that there is a more efficient way to organize the news and create archives. I am looking into rss, but that is more for making your news available for others on different sites, or am i mistaken. Anyways, i was thinking there was some format or template to create a more efficient way to update the site, to get things running automatically and let users post news without me having to code in every new aticle individually on the main page. Possibly some javascript, mysql, or whatever. Maybe ill just have to figure it out on my own, but i did some searching and couldnt find much. Thanks



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Sounds like you are looking for some sort of Content Management System. It would allow you to automate the process of creating new news pages, or the client to do that themselves, rather than creating all new pages by hand.


I'm not exactly sure which CMS you would want to use... You may want to look at Wordpress, since it is free, and I do know it can be adapted to work as a news site. It has the added benefit that you could use a pre-existing template and adapt it to your needs.


Article on this: http://max.limpag.com/2006/08/05/how-to-use-wordpress-magazine-news-cms/

Sample template (I'm sure there are others out there, both paid and free, so do a search for "news wordpress template" and see what you find.): http://www.woothemes.com/2009/06/the-journal/


KillerSites also has a section on Wordpress: http://www.killersites.com/wordpress/

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