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album templates in CMS made simple

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I'm hoping that someone can and will help me with the CMS made simple album module. I have used it before so I am a bit familiar with things but struggling with a couple issues now. I am deciding between two basic album templates, the greybox and the thickbox.

-greybox - works great in FF but in IE the enlarged images tend to comeup, flicker white and then load. This happens with each image in the series everytime.


-default- in both FF and IE the enlarged image comes up under the flash header. I know this is a common issue with flash and I know a tiny bit about z-index but don't know where to start with it in the css. Actually I did play with it but nothing seemed to help.


[solved this issue of the flash being on top with wmode] but still the issue for greybox template

I don't know what else to supply for now to get answers to my question but here is a link show the greybox 1st



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