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I am working with web design and development company. During the seo of one of our client, since last one month doing guest post, commenting and many more link building work. But I want to increase Alexa ranking and page ranking. The domain authority is increase from 16 to 23. Is there any update like panda for alexa ranking also? How to increase it? How much time it will take to increase Alexa ranking and page ranking? :blink: The on page optimization is done perfectly with meta tags.

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It's almost completely obvious where SEO is headed. As Google begins to unify it's products and make them more and more integrated, you will see major pillars of traditional SEO be compromised.


Take a look at the new version of Google Maps as an example. There is hardly any GUI (As Google merges GUI's [cross platform gui]). Search results are not driven by specific category / Keyword results. Instead they use localization and generalized industry categories. This mostly affects Google Places business listings. Another key factor that explains the road Google is headed down is the inclusion of Places into Google+. Although I think they really did a terrible job of joining the two, it describes the relationship the big G is trying to create by socializing search. They got the end game idea right, but the way they are getting there is all wrong. This is due to the fact that facebook scared the *$&%# out of them at first.


I currently manage about 5000 Google+ / places accounts between 3 different companies who specialize in Local SEO. I see this "Ish" everyday. In my honest opinion, the way to get better results is by using communities to bolster your reputation. Just like all the cool kids in school did. Get people to talk about you / your brand. Do something different and unique. I know this is very vague but it works. I have macro's that run all day between these accounts that can +1 this or like that. It's really the only thing that seems to be working more and more progressively.


Here are a few pointers...


1. Use Google analytics / webmaster tools religiously. I like to post to Craigslist and follow the traffics using the Location Demographic tool.

2. When you create content - Syndicate it. Post links to your article on authority sites / facebook pages. This is always fun. I use others FB & Google + pages to rep our brands. It puts your name in front of a lot of people.

3. Don't copy other peoples content. Just simply reword it in fewer words if you need to. Google will not index pages with duplicate or copied content.

4. Post new stuff daily.


Hope this helps :)

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Yeah... Hummingbird is the introduction of Graph based search. As I stated earlier, Google is beginning to drop keyword based search. They are relying on metrics of relation to display content. If you think about it, there are only 3 types of queries on Google.


1: Search for Information (Knowledge / People / Media)

Information is the basis of all 3 types of queries but it more or less reflects the idea that you are trying to learn about something or someone.


2: Search for products (Products before Information)

Products are 1st handled by Google Base which is the equivalent to Amazon. Google displays products first before returning a knowledge graph query.


3: Search for services (Local / Service areas before Information)

Services are first handled by Google MapMaker. It's the basis of all location based services such as Places and Plus local communities.


All three of these query types were traditionally based off of keyword indexing. The major problem with this is the fact that it's easy to manipulate. The same goes back linking. Anybody can pay $10 for thousands of back-links. Google has known this for years. That is why they dropped the model.


From here on out it's all about your community. I don't mean your place of residence but, your people who you interact with online. Just imagine 2 or 3 years from now when search is conducted strictly from a graph standpoint and the relations that information has from all three of the query types.

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