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How To Replace Tinymce With It's Latest Version


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I finished the CMS course and I'm trying to replace TinyMCE with it's latest version (4.0.2), but it doesn't seem to work (it doesn't load TinyMCE at all).


This is what I did:


- I replaced the "tiny_mce" folder with the new folder (tinymce) and updated all path names related to this file.


- In "v_edit.php" I replaced the TinyMCE script with the new version and linked the necessary CSS styles as explained in the course.


- In "t_head.php" I updated the link to the TinyMCE plugin.


When I click on a WYSIWYG block it loads a content block with text but no TinyMCE elements.


Is there anything I need to be aware of since this is a new version? I have the feeling I'm missing an important step!?

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Your problem is a little more complex than described

1. Tiny mce changed the architecture quite drastically with the advent of V4 (currently 4.0.5)

2. Tiny mce now offers inline editing as a standard, although you can still use the method as taught in the video

3. Should you want to update the editor you need to

a. change the function calls the best is if you study the examples as found here

b. adjust the js scripts


It looks harder than you think it is actually quite easy.


Kind regards


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