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Hi! I am a complete newbie when it comes to webdesign, but I hope to improve my skills So far, I have created one site

(funniestpageintheuniverse.co.nf) , which is a site for jokes. I know its pretty bad right now, but can u guys give me some advice on how to improve it. Also, can you recommend me any good books for webdesign which teach how to make navigation menus for beginners, and a program to make navigation menus (I heard I can use fireworks, but I would rather use something free). Lol, I feel like am asking a lot right off the bat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Feedback Based on Appearance:

Random assortment of fonts. Stick with one type of font for the same type of content.

The page is too wide. Your text, on my monitor, does not break until between 'into the' and 'collection'. It's pretty hard to follow such a long line of letters.

There's really no design, just some random colors on a light blue/green background.

No good navigation through the jokes. My only options are back and next, but I don't know what's next and how much more there will be. And there is no way to get back to home or the contact page while you're cruising through the joke pages.

And again, the 100% width makes it really hard to read.

Using 'mailto' for the contact is a pretty outdated way. You're exposing your email address to every spambot out there. A better way is to use a contact form. Those require php, but there are plenty of free scripts out there that can be used even if one doesn't know PHP.


Feedback Based on the Code:

It's much better to use external stylesheets than internal. That way, one style change will affect the entire site. If your styles are internal, you have to change every page individually.

The font tag is deprecated.

p tags are paragraph tags and belong around paragraphs of text. Using them to create space is incorrect use of the tag. Instead, use padding and or margins.

I'm not sure what all the javascripts are for, so I cannot comment on them.

There are some letters just above the closing html tag. They probably don't belong there.



Create a wrapper around 900 or 1000 px wide, center it, and put your content in there.

Create a logical navigation for ALL pages.


For a free tutorial that takes you through the basics, try http://www.how-to-build-websites.com/ - It's part of Killersites and a good way to get started. Let us know if you have any questions about anything.

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Thanks for the feedback! Add the contact form and a menu, but how do I change page size? Here is my current website : funniestpageintheuniverse.com

Further constructive criticism and suggestions for improving the site will be greatly appreciated!

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You need to carry your navigation menu through all pages. You want to start thinking grid structure. Navigation should appear consistently either above your content aranged horizontally or to the left (usually) aranged vertically. Currently you only have a navigation menu to the left, arranged vertically and below your content.


Otherwise I think it would be best to follow the tutorials on the site that Andrea gave you. If that does not give you everything you need to follow the suggestions you have already, try some google searches.

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