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Well not really, it looks good. But here are a few things for aeshetics that could be done but not necessary. On the rounded top above the logo there is a little corner pointing out. The header is one pixel to far to the right, this should fix the problem.


One the drop down main nav children make them the same width as the parent and round the bottom corners of the last child to match the top corners of parent menu item, meaning on hover. Also put a 1px bottom border on each of the drop down children. On you sidebar menu instead of squares for bullets use >> or something else.


Again the site looks nice and clean good job.

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One other critique, and I hope yo find it constructive!


The initial (Index) page gives no clue as to what you are selling! I surmise you are selling "corporate gifts". (I.E. marketing promos.) You need to find a way to "show" (Not just telling!) that that is what you have to offer.


Consider a picture-spread of promotional items with corporate logos prominently displayed (?)


Good luck!



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Your website has a really old design. You should make it more responsive, use flash only when necessary, use fluid designs for your websites and also try to make it clean and neat. If this is too much for you, make your site on a platform like blogspot or wordpress. If you cant do that, try to hire a web design company's service. [ [Link Removed]

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