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Explorer looks great

Safari is messed up.

I have, in one cell:

picture (just loose in the cell)

type (captions in between)

[then another group with]

picture (just loose in the cell)

type (captions in between)


on the bottom picture the type is going

all over around the side of the picture.

The top pict/type group is working fine.




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I'm sure what you mean, except that you want to link to the page.

I'm still working it on my machine.

I have snapshots to show, but not sure how to do an attachment

in this forum.

It looks like, when viewing the page, I open it up and it breaks it up.

I'm also losing the type size and flow.

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I'm not sure how to do that right now. I'll just try and work thru it for now.

On a lighter note. I've been to Chico. Went to Butte College and lived in Paradise.

What a small world.


Thanks for the response I'll work on that so next time I can get some help.

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