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I'm a beginner. Can anyone help me to define the followings? Please explain to me in details. Many thanks!


1) Identify the different parts of the style: selector, declaration, class, context where the style is used.


table td .content {


padding: 10px 5px 5px 20px;




2) Based on the given code, describe how rectangle.gif will be positioned within the Web page.


<img src="rectangle.gif"


<img src=”square.gif”



The image rectangle.gif has a height of 150 pixels and width of 100 pixels, and each side of square.gif has a length of 75 pixels.


3) Based on the given code, describe how the text “Winner of the 2013 Web Design Award” will

be displayed within the web page.


<div id="title1"


Joy of Web Design

<SPAN style="position:relative; left: 25px; top:

3em;font-size:14pt;">Winner of the 2013 Web Design Award</SPAN>


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I agree with Andrea, looks like homework. My advice if this is homework first google css and put what you are looking for with it like (what is the declaration of css code) or something like that. For questions 2 and 3 I would put the code in a code editor and see what happens. If you want to and I would because I am kinda of a smartbutt, I would point out to the instructor that the code (font-size:18pt) is wrong. It should be % or em or px the pt is points and is used for print not the web.

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