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Where Do I Find The Ftp Info In Joomla


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It isn't quite that easy. Joomla (like Wordpress or other CMS's) uses a database. So if you want to transfer it down to your computer, you'll need both the FTP info and the ability to export the database/import it into your own server. In most cases, people set up a server on their computer using something like WAMP or MAMP, which adds support for a server, PHP and MySQL. Usually you would use a tool like PHPMyAdmin (included with WAMP or MAMP) to import/export the database.


However... what changes is the client needing exactly? If they don't need to change the layout/styling of the website, and just update the content, the client should be able to provide the Joomla username/password, and you should be able to make those changes using the Joomla administration panel online -- no need to use Dreamweaver or transfer the site to your computer. One way or another, you'll probably need the Joomla login.


As far as your specific FTP question, you'd get that info either directly from the client or you'd need the client's web hosting information and you'd log into whatever web control panel they have and get the FTP info from there.

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I would do what Ben said. To add to it, You log into to the Joomla admin and you make all changes there, no reason to download it to your pc. All of the files you can find there and edit. If you do download it to your PC it is not always that easy. For one I believe you will have to go into the database and change where it is pointing to meaning your local host and not the web.


Here is a good place to start learning Joomla, http://www.joomla.org/about-joomla.html It will take some time. You will have to decide if it is worth it to you. Meaning you will probably loose money on this project until you learn Joomla.


One more thing if you attempt a download (any CMS) do a backup first, very very important.

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