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Float video in new page and with the native size.

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I have a video that is native resolution is 500 x 500 and I want to fit it in a 150 x 150 sidebar of my website.


I would like to give users the options to click full screen or some other button to be able to float the video in a 500 x 500 pop up window at its native resolution.


Any suggestion? Or any software can I use? I heard javascript can do this but how?


Thank in advance.

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You can open a new window of fixed size and position, see


(people on this forum don't like it when their browser window is controlled, but I think this is a situation where it is justified).

You will have to have a separate page with the video code with the larger size.


You could probably do it with a CSS hover popup on the same page, I can do it with enlarged images, but I've never tried it with a video, ie something which has to "work".


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