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  1. Hi, I find a useful article from a blog. Hope will help the new web designers. DO: Keep your page structured In the recent months we?ve seen an explosion of great grid layouts and css files. The most famous (in my opinion) being 960.gs and one of the cooler, more light weight grid systems being the 1kb grid. Following after the structure and balance of a great magazine/newspaper, these grid systems help lay out information in a structured and easy to follow format. DONT: Just place boxes everywhere We?ve all seen these types of websites before ? 20+ boxes, all different sizes, nothi
  2. hehe, 3 minutes really too long.
  3. Nice site, thank you. By the way the most popular browser also include opera. And IE includes different versions.
  4. Hi, I googled Camtasia. Yeah man that is a good software. It can help to capture screenshots and export as a video with audio. I always use snagit to do screen record. And use another software (FLV Editor Ultimate) to add audio. Thank you but as you see that Camtasia costs $ 299 and snagit only costs $ 49.95.
  5. No one interested anymore? So I change a question, if you need to put a video on your site. Will you care the control bar? Will you make one special for your video?
  6. Hi, Thank you. Yes I know videos really take the bandwidth. But I just want to know what will you do with a video. And now I see that Mr. falkencreative and Im do suggset to use video too many. But what is your option of video marketing? I saw this word often in some other forums but I can not fingur out how exactly to do that. And I think now the adobe flash player already support F4V and H.264 FLV becasue you can see that youtube use a lot of F4V file now. And I use another software to make players for my video. Do you think player is also a key point? Because you can use it
  7. I plan to make a new site. I saw that many sites will use a video to show their service, so do you need to use video too? And how can i make a good video? Any suggestions? Please tell me what kind video will you use in your site and what software will you use to edit video? Thanks in advance.
  8. Which is your wants? the banner or you want to add a play list on your SWF file?
  9. I have a video that is native resolution is 500 x 500 and I want to fit it in a 150 x 150 sidebar of my website. I would like to give users the options to click full screen or some other button to be able to float the video in a 500 x 500 pop up window at its native resolution. Any suggestion? Or any software can I use? I heard javascript can do this but how? Thank in advance.
  10. ted1986

    SWF video

    Hi andryo, Thanks for your reply, yes very clear. Good day.
  11. ted1986

    SWF video

    I have a similar question, please tell us the solution OK?
  12. ted1986


    Can not open your link, but maybe you can change a software to use, such as Flash Video MX.
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