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Is it possible?

Guest Cashster09

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Guest Cashster09

I am using Icontact - email marketing website that stores customer lists. I have a small form that someone fills out and after they submit, their email and names get stored on their website. That's easy...It already does that.


I was wondering, can i then, in addition to that, have the form go to a certain webpage depending on which city they choose.

We are giving away drycleaning coupons and my client has a store in Boca Raton and Coral Springs florida...The coupons for each city are different, so after submitting the form, it needs to be directed to the Boca or Coral Springs page, in addition to still posting their emails and names on the icontact site.


I tried it but it wouldnt let me use POST. I had to use GET...In essence, with GET, the page redirected exactly where i needed it to go, but nothing ever posted on Icontacts website.



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Could you elaborate on where this Form is? Is it on your website? And also how is the form sent to IContacts? Through traditional page redirect or through Javascript?


After the form is filled and submitted, does the page "redirect" to their website to post the data or the data is sent by HTTP GET using Javascript silently in the back?


Basically, if you're using a traditional form which sends the user to the page where the form is processed, then you cannot achieve what you're trying to achieve.


If your form is sent silently in the back using Javascript (Think AJAX) without reloading the page, then you can set up a redirect after your form gets sent and a "200" (OK Success) reply is received.

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Guest Cashster09

Here is my form


http:// ww w.webdrycleaners.com/testerform2.html


The form is on my website. Form info (name, email) is sent thru action=post to icontacts php page.


But i wanted the page to redirect to one of two different pages depending on which city they choose....






Yes it is possible with a combo on javascript and php...It is working now.

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