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Please review my site


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For the most part I like it. I can't really find anything major to critic. It seems to me that the company number would be more appropriate in the "About Us" section rather than the footer but I don't know if that's something you are obligated to have on every page or something.


I'm wondering if maybe your Terms and Conditions page might be better served if it conformed to the rest of the site format and you create a printer-specific style sheet. Otherwise once you click into T&C you can't explore the rest of the site you have to go back.


I guess on the subject of conformity your recipes page is a bit different in style from the rest of the site. .. actually upon further inspection it looks like an entirely different site.


I haven't had time to look at the entire thing but take for instance - http://www.food-lover.com/aboutus.html - on this page you have greybox links all over the place. It's fine for galleries and I can see instances where it would be useful for webpages like maybe if you had a separate page for purchasing, but in this instance opening the BBQ link kinda messes with a navigation path. Basically you find yourself surfing in the greybox. It would work better on a dead end page like for instance T&C.


but the colors are good and not gaudy. The logo IS pretty nice, and you get major points for validating strict. My site is almost ok on transitional but it's got a ways to go before I could get strict.

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On the page:




It's taking a long time to load this page because the thumbnails are NOT sized properly. Some are okay and some aren't. The one's that aren't --are very large. 100K+ This lack of image optimization is bogging down the page load. Very, very slow.


On your HOME page, you have two dropcaps that are the same size. This implies that both columns are of equal importance. If you emphasize them the same, people won't know which one to start reading first. Make one larger for emphasis. It is a little issue that is causing visual confusion. Small but important.

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