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Php Mail(); Function


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I am taking the beginners php course and we (me and the video) are using the mail(); command or statement.

I get an error on my WAMP (this is not a swear word or indescent part of ones body - its free server software),

that it failed to connect to mail server, and that I should verify my STMP.


Can a person change their STMP? How does one get to the STMP value (it does say finderhost not localhost if that is the problem);

or do I need a mail plug in?


Anyway for the classes I just print it to the screen but it would have been fun to email to my email.


And yes I know I could use the mailto: atrribute in the form action attribute if I wanted to see the code in an email but that's not the point -

I would like to test out the php scripting and functionality if not to complicated.


I am totally green at this so pardon my ignorance, thanks

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It has been a while sense I have had to do it. But when using wamp or mamp you need to add some some code to the htdocs folder to sit up mamp or wamp to be abel to send e-mail from within it. Check the documentation for wamp it should be in there somewhere.


I am sending you a massage to help you with this. I can not put it here, as Miss Andrea will zap my link.

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If it's a helpful link to an outside resource, I doubt it will be zapped. The links that tend to get zapped are the ones that seem to be spam or obvious self promotion.


Well I finally got the inspiration (grabenair inspired me to search a bit deeper) to seek out what might be missing to send mail with my WAMP server.


And we will also see if this link gets zapped by the system, but this post seems to imply one does need a STMP server or mail client to go with tha WAMP. Its from w_w w stackoverflow dot com




If anyone knows of another way let me know! Anyway I am going to study these posts myself because I haven't really gotten into reading them yet.


But thanks so much for the response, I am so in the dark with this stuff so far.

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