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Problems with: Accordion Content script (v1.7)


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I'm trying to follow the direction for this accordion script. It's on the original "all tables all the time" version of the website. This is the last page left to be converted and since a find/replace didn't work I figured I'd just start over and this time maybe not use the default variables.


Anyway first question does it matter what version of jquery I use? I've tried various combination of 1.2.2 and 1.3.2 because the instructions depending on whether your copy from the 'developers view' or from the codebox change. I've tried using local copies and the google link they have. I'm not sure that's the problem because I'm getting my headers and with the content hidden I just can't get them to toggle. I've tried copying the demo directly (with the jquery pointing to my own copy) and nothing.


Here's a copy of my test. it's just the html and two js files


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