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Unusual Curvy Tabs


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I have a situation where a curvy tab design is being used.


Here's the mockup design with some key points in red.


I like to use this script for the tab script but I just not seeing how I can achieve this result according to the design.


I am open to other options if it provides me the desired results I am looking for.

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I ended up using this example because it seems pretty straight forward. Here's the results of the tabs I did.


It looks good. These tabs will indeed have content in them just below the tabs. However, the all the tabs content will be on the same page. I know how to make a tab link active for whatever page is being displayed but what I don't know is how to make a tab link active for a content that is within the same page.


I have googled various types of scripts that allows you to do this but it all seems to be an overkill and that it seems that I would have to spend way too much time to take what coding I have done and implement for use with the tab script.


Is there any jquery or other scripts as an add-on to my existing menu code that can simply highlight a tab to be current for content that is within the same page?



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That has to be done with JS probably...



I ended up using this one (mostly) along with this "highlite" bit you had on your page.


I thought the tabs were good but I wanted something that will keep the content displayed after you hover over and move away from it.


Here's the results.

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