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Please critique my site

Guest deniss

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Guest deniss

Hi all,

I have designed my new direct mail site kirkwooddirect.com recently and I would like to hear you opinions, reviews comments on website! What do you think about an idea, website design, usability, etc! You are welcome to leave your comments here!

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well I'm pretty new to this so take from it what you will but the flash animation on the home page is just a TAD too busy. so much is going on it brought back memories of Angelfire.


say what you will about tables when they're done right it is pretty. It's definitely aside from the animation cleaner than my site at the moment. I really can't find anything else to complain about it's clean, ordered, organized. it's everything I want my site to be minus the tables.

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Layout is quite ok, gallery is too "flashy" to eye.

As far as usability goes - the links should be looking like links - would reach the visitors quicker.

About code:

You do need to validate your code before asking for the review.

In general:

Google can banish you for hidden text at the top of a page. And of course your layout could be done without tables.

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