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Header error revisited.


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Hi everyone,


Hate to double post something but I'm having problems (using Dreamweaver) with submitting information to a MySQL database and still haven't been able to fix it. I posted this in the Dreamweaver section of the forums but haven't had a replay yet so thought I would post it here as well to see if I can get anything.


LINK to my post http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/1385/dreamweaver-cs4-header-error/

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I read your other post and from my understanding that the files you are working on are copies of the original and that you have moved them over to another folder. You will need to look a line 53 (the error line it's referencing) and see what is different.


I would also check and try the original files in it's original location to see if it's functional. If so, then you certainly may have a typo in the copies. If the original is not functional then it's possible that the data tables are corrupted.


The first line seems to be a link to connection string file which has a virtual file path thus shouldn't require a change to the path unless something has been moved or changed related to that file. However, you may need to check any file paths that may not have been change to reflect your new copied files locations.

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