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A Million More Computer Jobs Than Students By 2020


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A new article I just put out:


A Million more Computer Jobs than Students by 2020


The trend is your friend if you are into web design or web programming … going forward, there will be a lot more jobs than web professionals.


This trend means two things for web designers and programmers:


There will be more new jobs created, than new web professionals with each passing year.

Those who are smart enough to become web designers and web programmers, will see their pay go up as demand goes up.



Why is the demand increasing so much?


Simple really, everything is going to the Web. Every school, every small business, every large business … it is all about the Web.


We’ve actually seen huge changes like this in our recent past. For example, remember Blockbuster? DVD rental was huge in the 80′s and 90′s …. now it is pretty much done. Everyone is streaming movies and TV now.


There are many more technology trends taking shape now and a lot of it is Web centric and that means increasing demand for web designers and programmers.


If you want to read more:


Web Careers





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Yes I saw will.i.am, chris bosh, mark zuckerberg, and bill gates urging young people to learn coding because of the huge need for programmers by 2020.


I think it's time for me to master Php and Drupal -_-

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