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help with paper for dreamweaver class


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Hello all!


I am a Graphic Design Student writing a research paper for a Web Design class. I am trying to interview 5 different Web Designers with 5 of the same questions. If you are a web designer please respond to this thread with answers to the questions, your name, your company name, (or maybe you are freelance.) and a link to a site you have designed. The questions are:


1. Do you feel that a print designer in today?s world can survive with little or no web experience?


2. How important a role does freelancing play in your career?


3. Would you say that most design firms pay more attention to a potential employee?s education, or a personal portfolio when hiring?


4. Do you think table based layouts are obsolete?


5. Do you use Adobe Dreamweaver for your work, and how essential is it to know code when designing in Dreamweaver?


Thanks very much everyone!! :)

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