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Another NuCoder question - Adding Images


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Good evening all


Another newbie question. I am trying to insert an image and it is just showing the image border - no image?


the home page is in My Documents


I have an image folder - just 7 folders up (do not need to move up: ../) as the folder is with my Home page and other folders. Inside My Pictures Folder is a Pictures folder. Inside this folder I am trying to insert pic1.jpg. My code is below:




As always - Thank you!

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try adding "./" (without the quotes) to the image path.

Also, check the folder names. Picture is not the same as Pictures or picture on some systems.

As well, avoid spaces in the path or filename.



Might be easier to move the image to the same location as the html file??? because once you ftp the pages up to a Server, the file structure will change and the relative addresses will be ineffective.

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