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Art Explosion Publishing Pro, silver edition...I need a little help...

Guest jelo

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Guest jelo

Hi, I purchased this program just 4 months ago and it took 2 months to install(had to keep waiting for replacement disks) I finally got it up and running and it's ok, I liked my Microsoft Picture it! better...

I had a couple of questions so I called Nova and they are no longer supporting this software...

I am not a graphic designer, just someone who enjoys making my own birthday cards, calendars and such. Is anyone familiar with this program?

The main irritant I am experiencing is when I am typing text, each and every first word of each line is automatically switched to a capital. Like this...

So then I have

To keep going

Back after I'm done

Typing and correct.

Is there somewhere I can turn this feature off? I've tried, but I don't understand some of the lingo!!


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Never heard of this particular piece of software. I'm surprised that you can buy it but the manufacturer no longer supports it...


I do know that Microsoft Word has a similar feature that sometimes automatically capitalizes the first word of each line, which I believe is some part of the "Auto Correct" feature. You may want to look at the options to see if it can be turned off (I know it can in Word). As I said though, I've never heard about this particular program. I'll stick with Photoshop...

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