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I have this message (below) on my main page when members not checked in…


Welcome, not a “Ticketed Member” yet?

Sign up by “Making A Reservation” and then “Check In”




When my members do check in, I would like the message to NOT appear.




I cant seem to figure out how my CSS should be set at. Ca anyone help me please?




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I gave you some good, solid advice on the coding mistakes on your index page in the other tread, but I don't see any corrections. You really should NOT have a second body opening tag in the middle of your body section. You might consider the wisdom of getting the basics down before you branch out.


Also, I don't know much about PHP and such, but your CSS will not be able detect if someone is a member or not - you may need some PHP or other script to determine that.


What do you mean by "figure out how my CSS should be set a"?


BTW, your "You can start a discussion w" line starts with an opening h2 tag and closes with an h1 tag - again demonstrating the value and benefits of a validator. You also should not have a <br> tag between a closing and opening td tag, and I'm pretty sure your form tag should be around the entire table, not inside the table tags.


It would help me to know what you are after: Do you want to learn how to do things right, or are you just winging it and only interested in issues as they arise?

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