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Firefox html validator extension failing?


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For the benefit of the Firefox users that are also using the HTML Validator, they "fixed" a bug that causes it to fail in Firefox 3.09.

I was confused and befuddled when the Add-on crashed on me since a recent upgrade to ubuntu 9.04 and thought that the OS was failing, but it turns out to be Firefox's latest release that was causing the issue.

That's what I get for upgraded both Firefox and Ubuntu on the same day without testing each one separately.


Upgrades can be found here for all versions that the extension is available for.



The issue was crashing the Firefox browser when attempting to do a "view source". It seemed to only crash when there were errors or warnings on the page being inspected. Error/warning free pages worked fine.

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Yes, that is correct.

Do you have the html validator installed as an Add-on? I think it works when you access a browser view source IF it is installed and without accessing the Icon for the html validator, and that would explain why the Browser view source was crashing.

Excellent Add-on. Highly recommended, along with the Web Developer's Extension and Firebug.

Those would be my selections for the three best FF Add-ons.

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