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Cursor Bleeding Thru Ajax Popup


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Problem #1:

Please review this in IE:

ht tp:// re/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1&idcategory=3 (remove two spaces)


1. Scroll down where the color choice options are.

2. Point and click your mouse over the input field of the 2nd color (031-Red). Don't enter anything and don't click anywhere else. You should see the vertical '|' cursor line flashing.

3. Now move your mouse over the text '031-Red' that is on the left. It will popup a ajax popup to the right showing a full size square color image with some text info.

4. Pay close attention to that popup and you will see the cursor line bleeding thru and flashing. It should not do that.


Not much on the net about this issue and I have no clue what to do or look for.


Here's what I done so far:

A. Set the popup's z-index to be the highest number.

B. Removed the overflow div frame from the color list.

C. Disabled all css (except for the ajax popup).


This only occurs in IE.

Any suggestions?

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you can "Hide textfield blinking cursor" by calling blur function on focus event


<input type="text" onfocus="this.blur()"/>



I got this from a forum site like ours on this very issue so you are not alone with this nuisance.

(the people who make WAMP)

Check this suggestion page: stackoverflow dot com /questions/3671141/hide-textfield-blinking-cursor


If this does not answer your delema I hope it is inspiring and informing enough for you to conquer it yourself. If all else did fail (which I am sure somewhere there is an answer) you could move your balloon away from being on top of your text field.



Being smart is not knowing all the answers but knowing where to get them



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