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Remove White Background Around An Image On My Website


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On my website page, I’ve inserted an image in a php scripts and it has a white box around it. Image is saved in my “images” folder in my server.


I know how to remove the white back ground (Adobe Fireworks), so you just see the image.


What I want to know is now that I have my image with no background, how do I make it were the image does NOT show a white box on my webpage?


Thanks in advance,


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What Ben said.

By 'white box around it' - do you mean a border? That could be taken care off via CSS - img {border: 0;}

But if you're talking about the actual background, you'll have to create a gif or a png with a transparent background.

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I'm confused - I see one image that seem to display all three things you mention - logo (if that's the globe), don't see 'airmail, just an airplane, and the red arrow:



If that is what you're talking about - there is no white border, but there is a white background. As I mentioned before, use your graphics program to set the background as transparent, and it'll disappear.

I've attached what it'll look like. You may have to adjust settings.

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First, thank you for your help.


Second, I like my logo but not my red arrow. The original image is sharp at 101 x 111. And the image size on my website is width="60" height="50".


Should I be searching for smaller images and gif images, than add that one to my website?



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You should reduce the image size with your image editor instead of displaying it reduces. If you must reduce it, at least be sure to do so proportionately.


And actually, the image you had on the page you had provided the link to is really 260 x 245, so, to achieve a new width of 60px, it would need to be 57px high in order to not skew it.

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