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issues with container and footer, gallery alignment.


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These edits get IE7 and Firefox showing the same and your problems solved:-


CSS edits to center thumbnails in IE7:-



{ margin: 0;

cursor: default;

list-style: none;













    Edit: there are still some errors to be sorted out; use the validator


    I found 7 errors after my edits but could reduce them to one error by omitting this

    <?php echo $num;?>

    from the url

    url(images/layout/header<?php echo $num;?>.jpg)

    which seems to raise other unconnected errors like a tag error which is not an error, just the result of having the php code. It's probably because I was testing with a .html page not a .php page so you may not get the errors.

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    yea the php script was to try and have the header change every time the page was visited or refreshed but it didn't work out so well. guess i forgot to take it out. the gallery in IE is still having problems. too many boxes still on the top row and the previews end up clipping the boxes when hovering. other than that the firefox issue was resolved.

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