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Javascript In Front Page?


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I recently added a javascript button from my web components on Microsoft frontage / Why frontage? Beginner designer. Have dreamweaver but not accustomed to program yet.

Anyway I have tried to view the website on multiple computers but each one asked you to upload or update java. Is there anyway to by pass this or did I forget to add an applet. can someone provide me with some instruction? I have been teaching myself this program and such. please help? ref: coachdirectories.com

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The odds are is that you are using a script specifically for Front Page which requires Front Page Extension to be enabled on your hosting account. Your host provider should help you with this if it's available.


On that note, Front Page and Front Page Extension are way outdated and no longer supported. I would suggest you start learning some basic HTML/CSS. You don't need to use javascript to make good visual buttons. That's old school. CSS can do that for you.

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