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Found 16 results

  1. This is an interesting series of articles to consider. Basically it is pretty much impossible to avoid using the mega corporations.- LSW Goodbye Big Five https://gizmodo.com/c/goodbye-big-five
  2. Microsoft building Chrome-based browser to replace Edge on Windows 10 https://thehackernews.com/2018/12/edge-browser-anaheim-chromium.html
  3. This journalist got it in his head to do everything he can to avoid using any top 5 hardware, software or service for 1 month. Learn why and how it went for him. Cybersecurity includes privacy as well. The top 5 industry leaders are that way mostly by questionable actions, tracking, selling your data, forcing you to use their services and many more dirty little tricks. We help millionaires and their corporations get richer while giving up our privacy for convenience. So, article 1 is why he decided to do this and article 2 what he did and the final results he found. 2 is definitely and interesting read, but it is LONG. You may choose to scroll through to just sections you are interested in. So I ask you, do you think you could give up the top 5 services etc.? 1. Why I'm Quitting Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple for a Month https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/mbxndq/one-month-without-big-five-microsoft-google-facebook-apple-amazon 2. How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/ev3qw7/how-to-quit-apple-microsoft-google-facebook-amazon
  4. Google Accelerates Google+ Shutdown After New Bug Discovered https://threatpost.com/google-accelerates-google-shutdown-after-new-bug-discovered/139764/
  5. Google Patches 11 Critical RCE Android Vulnerabilities https://threatpost.com/google-patches-11-critical-rce-android-vulnerabilities/139612/
  6. To begin with you should have a look at this article to understand what kind of data is being processed and that even if it does not use you name it can be traced to you. Once you understand the issue/threat, the follow up article used for the title will show you how to help protect yourself with the primary phone types. They do state that the article is based on the US, but do not make the mistake of thinking that whatever country you live in, you are safe.: Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/12/10/business/location-data-privacy-apps.html How to Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/10/technology/prevent-location-data-sharing.html
  7. Google launches reCAPTCHA v3 that detects bad traffic without user interaction https://www.zdnet.com/article/google-launches-recaptcha-v3-that-detects-bad-traffic-without-user-interaction/
  8. SSO is almost everywhere, and once embedded it is as hard to dig out as a tick. It is a battle I have been fighting the last year, those in charge want things easy for the employees and the employees don't want to have to remember lots of passwords. I get it. But I get paid to worry, and what I see is an attacker breaking the SSO password and now having access to all the applications our employees use, many of which have access to both personal Personally Identifiable Information (Pii) as well as Health information. So the issue is really simple, the user need only remember one password and the attacker need only break one password to have the keys to the kingdom. Social logins are the same way. SSO is simply easier for you isn't it? But now Facebook has lost 50 mil. tokens that can be used to get into those users other sites. They can now breach your twitter account, facebook account, Google account and what else? If I can now get in your Google account, I can reset things, I can change your telephone number to mine, have your second authorization come to my phone. Ask yourself, is my mobile phone number available on my accounts? Ever heard of SIM Switching? I can call a mobile phone host, create an account and say "I want to come to you, please switch my telephone number" and usually with little to no checking of authorization they will activate your number in my new phone, now I can get access to any account attached with that phone number, I can even empty your bank account. So what is more important to you? Your security or your ability to quickly switch between facebook and twitter etc. without logging in again? Experts' View: Avoid Social Networks' Single Sign-On https://www.databreachtoday.com/blogs/experts-view-avoid-social-networks-single-sign-on-p-2670
  9. Google Android P is officially called Android 9 Pie https://thehackernews.com/2018/08/android-9-pie.html
  10. Google launches 'Data Transfer Project' to make it easier to switch services https://thehackernews.com/2018/07/google-data-transfer-project.html
  11. Top web browsers 2018: Microsoft's IE and Edge shed share as Chrome gains https://www.computerworld.com/article/3199425/web-browsers/top-web-browsers-2018-microsofts-ie-and-edge-shed-share-as-chrome-gains.html
  12. Hey everyone! My name is Natan and I live in Ottawa, ON. I'm interested in web development and probably doing some more exploring in programming languages later on. I'm trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and get the big picture about HTML, CSS, JAVA and other things but I don't have the will to do such information gathering on the internet because a lot of the websites are overcrowded with things not important and they always take the long route of explaining the simplest things or they don't explain important things correctly. I don't like to just follow rules when someone says, for example, press ONE. I need to know why I'm doing it, what effect it has exactly, if there is a more simple way to do it or if I can make my own way in anything. As soon as I sit in front of my laptop and open Brackets ( text editor ), I just get bored after just 10 minutes and can't get myself to be interested in all of it, the idea of learning, in other words, I just become lazy. When I'm away from my laptop, being outside or doing something else completely, I love the idea of me sitting, writing code and being a nerd but it doesn't work since I need it to be interesting and faster. I've discovered that in order to be able to do anything productive on the laptop, I need to play fast-paced music in the background to make it more interesting and get myself to do things. I get all these super crazy ideas about apps, websites and more but with the friends I have, they always look not interested in talking much about it and exploring, dismissing them and telling me the things that wouldn't work and not ever mentioning the things that would. Talking about how people see only bad and not good, haha. My question to you is what makes you want to develop apps, websites and other things, what drives you to do so? Anyone have any tips or something? I find it better if I work in a team to solve problems and pretty much do anything. I'm a team player. Anyone in Ottawa that feels the same and wants to team up and maybe and make something in the future, like an app or a website. A mentor would be nice also.
  13. Facebook terms and conditions: why you don't own your online life http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/social-media/9780565/Facebook-terms-and-conditions-why-you-dont-own-your-online-life.html NOTE: The title is a bit misleading as the article is about many social media and not just Facebook.
  14. Google Collects Android Location Data Even When Location Service Is Disabled https://thehackernews.com/2017/11/android-location-tracking.html I am highlighting this article on the grounds that is raises a few points and if you use the iPhone you should not ignore it. This is an issue with every mobile device, not just Android. It is how phones work and why they use triangulation in police shows on TV. That is how the system works. Your device connects to the nearest and most powerful tower in the area. As you move from Grid A, the signal gets weaker and the device searches for the next closest tower, that may be Grid B. So you can be easily tracked by looking at what towers your phone connects to and a path will then show, it will show where you are or where you spend time etc. Law Enforcement uses this technique all the time. This particular article is about Google collecting that data (which they claim they are ending by the end of the year). This more about them collecting the data and what they do with it. Remember that Google is a for profit organization. Services is how they make their profit and they consider selling your data as part of that service to their advertisers. That is why a lot of the advertisements you see are what your interested in. Google Chrome is also the most popular browser and makes your life so easy signing on to things because they are collecting your data or data on you and selling it. You are not their customers, your are their commodity and advertisers etc. are their customers. So if you use iPhone, OnePlus, Android or Windows phones... You can be and will be tracked, that if how your phone works, so don't think this is "Just an Android issue". As an Android user, I cringe at this article, but I accept that that is the way it is and is no different than when I used an early iPhone. One last question: What does your service provider do with that data? AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and co. It is there towers you are connecting to, do you know what they do with that data from those towers?
  15. Senate Grills Tech Giants Over Russian Fake News
  16. Hi there! Please can anyone reading this post who has a good understanding of Javascript/jQuery/Ajax etc. etc. explain whether it's possible to adapt the source code I have inserted below (which was working fine) to work with the Yahoo API (or Bing API - if they have one) instead of the now depreciated Google API. I have spent many hours researching the web for a solution to this problem - a solution that is simple for me to understand, but have (so far) been unable to find a fix. In addition to the source code inserted into my web page where the RSS Widget is to display, this plugin comes with tsc_vticker.js and tsc_rssfeed.js. I suspect the changes to which I refer need only to be made to tsc_rssfeed.js, but this is only a guess. Just to be on the safe side I'll post all other source code for reference purposes. I have a fair grasp of HTML, but no understanding of JS or jQuery (let alone Ajax) so please be aware that any explanation of how to adapt this code should be made as simple as possible and ideally include examples of the code before and after its alteration. A couple of other questions. When Google switched off the Feed API, would I have been able to keep my Widget working if I'd previously downloaded and hosted the API on my own server, as might be the case with externally hosted versus locally hosted Javascripts/jQuery, or is this not something that is possible with an API? Should Yahoo depreciate their RSS API, is there any other way to easily include multiple Widgets on my page/s without the need to rely on external services that limit the number of feeds I can display, charge for the service, or could shut it down at any time? From all of the above, you can probably see that my understanding of such matters is limited, so please excuse my ignorance. Nevertheless, any constructive replies on this topic would be greatly appreciated. TSC_RSSFEED.JS /** * Plugin: jquery.zRSSFeed * * Version: 1.1.5 * (c) Copyright 2010-2011, Zazar Ltd * * Description: jQuery plugin for display of RSS feeds via Google Feed API * (Based on original plugin jGFeed by jQuery HowTo. Filesize function by Cary Dunn.) * * History: * 1.1.5 - Target option now applies to all feed links * 1.1.4 - Added option to hide media and now compressed with Google Closure * 1.1.3 - Check for valid published date * 1.1.2 - Added user callback function due to issue with ajaxStop after jQuery 1.4.2 * 1.1.1 - Correction to null xml entries and support for media with jQuery < 1.5 * 1.1.0 - Added support for media in enclosure tags * 1.0.3 - Added feed link target * 1.0.2 - Fixed issue with GET parameters (Seb Dangerfield) and SSL option * 1.0.1 - Corrected issue with multiple instances * **/ (function($){ $.fn.rssfeed = function(url, options, fn) { // Set pluign defaults var defaults = { limit: 50, header: true, titletag: 'h4', date: true, content: true, snippet: true, media: true, showerror: true, errormsg: '', key: null, ssl: false, linktarget: '_blank' }; var options = $.extend(defaults, options); // Functions return this.each(function(i, e) { var $e = $(e); var s = ''; // Check for SSL protocol if (options.ssl) s = 's'; // Add feed class to user div if (!$e.hasClass('rssFeed')) $e.addClass('rssFeed'); // Check for valid url if(url == null) return false; // Create Google Feed API address var api = "http"+ s +"://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/services/feed/load?v=1.0&callback=?&q=" + encodeURIComponent(url); if (options.limit != null) api += "&num=" + options.limit; if (options.key != null) api += "&key=" + options.key; api += "&output=json_xml" // Send request $.getJSON(api, function(data){ // Check for error if (data.responseStatus == 200) { // Process the feeds _process(e, data.responseData, options); // Optional user callback function if ($.isFunction(fn)) fn.call(this,$e); } else { // Handle error if required if (options.showerror) if (options.errormsg != '') { var msg = options.errormsg; } else { var msg = data.responseDetails; }; $(e).html('<div class="rssError"><p>'+ msg +'</p></div>'); }; }); }); }; // Function to create HTML result var _process = function(e, data, options) { // Get JSON feed data var feeds = data.feed; if (!feeds) { return false; } var html = ''; var row = 'odd'; // Get XML data for media (parseXML not used as requires 1.5+) if (options.media) { var xml = getXMLDocument(data.xmlString); var xmlEntries = xml.getElementsByTagName('item'); } // Add header if required if (options.header) html += '<div class="rssHeader">' + '<a href="'+feeds.link+'" title="'+ feeds.description +'">'+ feeds.title +'</a>' + '</div>'; // Add body html += '<div class="rssBody">' + '<ul>'; // Add feeds for (var i=0; i<feeds.entries.length; i++) { // Get individual feed var entry = feeds.entries[i]; var pubDate; // Format published date if (entry.publishedDate) { var entryDate = new Date(entry.publishedDate); var pubDate = entryDate.toLocaleDateString() + ' ' + entryDate.toLocaleTimeString(); } // Add feed row html += '<li class="rssRow '+row+'">' + '<'+ options.titletag +'><a href="'+ entry.link +'" title="View this feed at '+ feeds.title +'">'+ entry.title +'</a></'+ options.titletag +'>' if (options.date && pubDate) html += '<div>'+ pubDate +'</div>' if (options.content) { // Use feed snippet if available and optioned if (options.snippet && entry.contentSnippet != '') { var content = entry.contentSnippet; } else { var content = entry.content; } html += '<p>'+ content +'</p>' } // Add any media if (options.media && xmlEntries.length > 0) { var xmlMedia = xmlEntries[i].getElementsByTagName('enclosure'); if (xmlMedia.length > 0) { html += '<div class="rssMedia"><div>Media files</div><ul>' for (var m=0; m<xmlMedia.length; m++) { var xmlUrl = xmlMedia[m].getAttribute("url"); var xmlType = xmlMedia[m].getAttribute("type"); var xmlSize = xmlMedia[m].getAttribute("length"); html += '<li><a href="'+ xmlUrl +'" title="Download this media">'+ xmlUrl.split('/').pop() +'</a> ('+ xmlType +', '+ formatFilesize(xmlSize) +')</li>'; } html += '</ul></div>' } html += '</li>'; } // Alternate row classes if (row == 'odd') { row = 'even'; } else { row = 'odd'; } } html += '</ul>' + '</div>' $(e).html(html); // Apply target to links $('a',e).attr('target',options.linktarget); }; function formatFilesize(bytes) { var s = ['bytes', 'kb', 'MB', 'GB', 'TB', 'PB']; var e = Math.floor(Math.log(bytes)/Math.log(1024)); return (bytes/Math.pow(1024, Math.floor(e))).toFixed(2)+" "+s[e]; } function getXMLDocument(string) { var browser = navigator.appName; var xml; if (browser == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer') { xml = new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLDOM'); xml.async = 'false' xml.loadXML(string); } else { xml = (new DOMParser()).parseFromString(string, 'text/xml'); } return xml; } })(jQuery); TSC_VTICKER.JS /* * Tadas Juozapaitis ( kasp3rito@gmail.com ) * Modifed by Zazar: * 24.06.2011 - Corrected pausing issue with multiple instances * */ (function($){ $.fn.vTicker = function(options) { var defaults = { speed: 300, pause: 6000, showItems: 3, animation: '', mousePause: true, isPaused: false }; var options = $.extend(defaults, options); moveUp = function(obj2, height, paused){ if(paused) return; var obj = obj2.children('ul'); first = obj.children('li:first').clone(true); obj.animate({top: '-=' + height + 'px'}, options.speed, function() { $(this).children('li:first').remove(); $(this).css('top', '0px'); }); if(options.animation == 'fade') { obj.children('li:first').fadeOut(options.speed); obj.children('li:last').hide().fadeIn(options.speed); } first.appendTo(obj); }; return this.each(function() { var obj = $(this); var maxHeight = 0; var itempause = options.isPaused; obj.css({overflow: 'hidden', position: 'relative'}) .children('ul').css({position: 'absolute', margin: 0, padding: 0}) .children('li').css({margin: 0, padding: 0}); obj.children('ul').children('li').each(function(){ if($(this).height() > maxHeight) { maxHeight = $(this).height(); } }); obj.children('ul').children('li').each(function() { $(this).height(maxHeight); }); obj.height(maxHeight * options.showItems); var interval = setInterval(function(){ moveUp(obj, maxHeight, itempause); }, options.pause); if (options.mousePause) { obj.bind("mouseenter",function() { itempause = true; }).bind("mouseleave",function() { itempause = false; }); } }); }; })(jQuery); SOURCE CODE INSERTED INTO PAGE WHERE TICKER TO APPEAR (Medical News Today RSS Feed inserted as an example) <head> <!-- DC RSS Feeds JS --> <script src="tsc_rssfeed.js"></script> <script src="tsc_vticker.js"></script> </head> <body> <body> <!-- DC RSS Feeds Start --> <div id="rss-ticker1" style="width:80%;"></div> <!-- DC RSS Feeds End --> <!-- Parameters: rssfeed ('enter-rss-url-here') showItems: x - Specify number of news items to show for more settings, edit tsc_vticker.js --> </div> </div> <div class="rss-container"><div class="rss-icon"><img src="../img/icons/rss-shadow.jpg" alt="rss icon"></div> <div class="rss-feed"> <!-- Medical News Today - Complementary Medicine - DC RSS Feeds Settings --> <script> $(document).ready(function () { $('#rss-ticker2').rssfeed('http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/rss/complementary_medicine.xml',{}, function(e) { $(e).find('div.rssBody').vTicker({ showItems: 1}); }); }); </script> </body> (source code posted is copyright of its respective owners)
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