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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I need to build this carousel but I have a lot of trouble making it responsive. What I would like is when there are 3 cards in a slide when the button is pressed all 3 of them move out of the container and on mobile if there is only one card when the button is pressed only one should move. I tried doing it by separating the big slide and the cards and run javascript for each using matchMedia() but I didn't even get to that as I have some other bugs. Another problem I have is when the width of the windows is resized the first element is getting out of the view, plus for some r
  2. Hello, I have started learning JS recently and I am in love with it. Although , I do not know how I should approach going forward. I want to get a job in front end development and I target to learn REACT after i am done with JS basics. Any kind of guidance will be really appreciated.
  3. I expect the browser to print the values from 10 to 1 in an empty p tag using JavaScript, but it's printing 1 to 10. Why does it print above the old line, and not below it? <!-- Button for printing "i" --> <input type="button" value="print i"> <!-- Empty p tag where the values of "i" will be printed --> <p></p> <script> // Function for printing "i" function print() { var i = 10; while(i > 0) { // Grabs the empty p tag var p = document.getElementsByTagName("p")[0]; // Prints the values of "i" on the p tag p.
  4. Hello! I just finished studioWeb JavaScript course and so far its been a great experience, really good course and easy to follow but i dont feel ready to jump to PHP , i feel like i need to learn more JavaScript what you suggest me to do, i want to learn more JS but I don't know exactly what to learn , should i learn more vanilla JS or start learning a framework lile vue or react. Thanks!
  5. Hi there I've just started a fresh website for a non-profit organisation (meaning I won't get paid), so my options are: doing it as fast as possible, with minimum costs, standard interface, easy maintenance, strong community support. Therefore, being pragmatic, I've chosen WordPress (but i struggled finding out an appropriate free plugin... so I need to code it: PHP + mysqli). Now, this npo asked me for me a simple booking system for their training sessions. The business rules are: 1) several sessions available: A, B, C and D 2) A B C and D happen several t
  6. I'm a beginner learning JavaScript course. Not sure this is the right place to post this topic or not. Please bear with me. I have a little project in mind. I want to do somthing like this: <div id="typingfield" class="lightgreybackground"> <p> <cha>0</cha> <cha>1</cha> <cha>2</cha> ... <cha>38</cha> <cha>39</cha> </p> </div> using this: &l
  7. tmoflash


    In the Javascript language everything is case sensitive and also camel case must also be used. why is "onclick" not using camel case? The other thing I do not understand is reading from top to bottom. I understand that the browser reads JS from top to bottom and if an item is declared after the JS script it will not be recognized. However, in this piece of code why did it skip over end not trigger. My guess is when the browser read the script and put into memory it knew that it was false based on the Boolean value? if(notRunning) { a
  8. Hello, I am not 100% sure about this, so apologies in advance if I am. However, as I am groing theough the JavaScript training course - Ch8 Arrays, objects and arrays pt. 4 - Q1. It is asking to find the "false statement" about arrays. If you look at this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/ir5wzj Creating an array: var cars = ["Audi", "Ford", "Jeep"] <== this is not the "correct answer" however, it is missing the semicolon at the end of the statement, which made me think it was the correct or incorrect answer in this case.
  9. Hey everybody, I'm a beginner at JavaScript so there are many things I don't understand. I'd appreciate very much if you can help me figuring out something new. I'm trying to solve this problem on Checkio.org called "The Most Numbers". The requirement is quite simple: It is given an array of floats and you have to calculate the difference between the maximum and minimum numbers. And this is my solution (which didn't work): function mostNumbers(numbers){ if (numbers.length > 0) { return Math.max(numbers) - Math.min(numbers); } else { return 0;} } It produc
  10. You may have seen my two recent posts about Cyber Threats, Bad Rabbit and CoinHive. In the first I said top block all Flash, in the second block all JavaScript. Flash: As many of you know this is dying out and has always been a major security vulnerability. As it is dying out you can usually block it without much issue. JavaScript (JS): I have always preached against JS, before because it was not always supported like with early cell phones and because people like me often turned it off and web site readers could have issues with it. But face it, web sites still use it and it has gro
  11. Hello everybody, I'm taking Stef's "Beginners JavaScript" course and saw how he set different text that appears inside the buttons. However when I tried it myself, nothing happened. I've checked many times but still couldn't find out what I did wrong. Below is my code, please help me fix it. Thank you very much! - Here's the image version (to make the code less boring and easier to read compared to the text version) Here's the code in my html file: Here's the code in my external js file: - And here's the text version in case you need to copy: <button
  12. Hi there! Please can anyone reading this post who has a good understanding of Javascript/jQuery/Ajax etc. etc. explain whether it's possible to adapt the source code I have inserted below (which was working fine) to work with the Yahoo API (or Bing API - if they have one) instead of the now depreciated Google API. I have spent many hours researching the web for a solution to this problem - a solution that is simple for me to understand, but have (so far) been unable to find a fix. In addition to the source code inserted into my web page where the RSS Widget is to display, this plugin com
  13. Good Evening Reader, I'm relatively new to the world of web design and need some pointers on a design that I've drawn up for practice. Up til now, my websites have been relatively plain and straight forward. However, in this highly competitive field I felt that I should begin to get my weight up and try and hang with my competition. So the idea that I had was to work on creating an HTML5 site with a UI that responds similarly to a Flash/ActionScript UI. I have a picture of the PSD Mock-up I created but I don't know how to display it here. If any of you know how and would like to tell me, p
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