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  1. Nice.. what a clear explantion you have given here which made most of my points clear. Now I have a question that I want to learn PHP but you said it is used for just simple web applications so shall I switch to learn Java?
  2. I prefer w3schools for learning designing and all sort of my web related queries...
  3. The web designing tools that I use are dreamweaver, photoshop, corel draw and flash..
  4. Hey Eric, I am just signing up in your forum... Hope you don't ban me..LOLz.. Well, I think you own a pretty good forum.
  5. I also think that Joomla is the best and after Joomla comes the Magento..
  6. See if you have some programming knowledge then Joomla is best as it requires some technical knowledge whereas Wordpress doesn't require any technical knowledge. So, you can choose among these on the basis of your knowledge and comfort level.
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