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  1. what it throws, post fully qualified :blink:Error description :
  2. Hi to all, How to Call public Web Services in SOAP and PHP. can anyone help me out plz. related material and all. Kind regards sudheer
  3. Yah thats correct, Actually i have to use one publicly available webservices like AWS . if you want to use that web services we have to download that zip.and post into the lib. That file contains all the interfaces and classs, my question is i want to create the instace of a particular class and access some methods in that , so what could i do, for that i think i use jar file concept, if that is not the solution,then kindly tell me how to solve this issue. Kind regards sudheer .
  4. hi to all, i have one issue, How to add jar file in php on ubuntu?? Thank u.

  6. Hi, Mostly we use JavaScript for Client side validation,why because the network round trips between client and server is very mush reduced by using js, on the other hand PHP is used for communicating with the databases like MYsql,etc and retriving the data also. HTML+CSS -----> Designing purpose javascript ------>Validating and dynamic action purpose PHP/SOAP ------->Communicating with databases , for public and custom webservices. Mysql--------------->open source DB. Thank you. Regards sudheer..
  7. Hi to all, where we put headers in php, like public webservices classes and interfaces. thanks for help,,
  8. Hi to all, i am new to this community, when i am trying to run my php program ,i got one error Error description : 1)Warning: include(Economic.Api.Data): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in xxxx 2)Warning: include(): Failed opening 'Economic.Api.Data' for inclusion (include_path='.:/opt/lampp/lib/php') in xxx my code : include ('Economic.Api.Data'); require_once('nusoap.php'); $client = new SoapClient('https://www.e-conomic.com/secure/api1/EconomicWebService.asmx?WSDL'); $client->Connect(array( 'agreementNumber' => 'xxxxxxx', 'userName' => 'xxx', 'password' => 'xxxxx' )); $functions = $client->__getFunctions (); //var_dump ($functions); if(is_soap_fault($functions)) { print'something went wrong'; print $functions->faultstring; } else { echo 'connected..'; } Here, is my another question is that, in java language ,if we want to import some packages, we just write IMPORT JAVA.LANG.*; similayly, is there any way to call the same in PHP. for E-conomic Api's... ** is it the right way to write include(e-conomic.api) in include.... Anyone help me out plz.. quick reply is appreceatable. Kind Regards, sudheer:mellow:
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