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  1. no error and no insert to db! that's the problem cause its no error it doesn't insert the post data
  2. i get problem with 'insert' in this function. logically, i think its ok but.... function iInsert($list_tbl=array(), $postData = array()){ $res = count($list_tbl); for($i=0; $i<$res; $i++){ $q = "DESC $list_table[$i] "; $q = mysql_query($q); $getFields = array(); while ($field = mysql_fetch_array($q)){ $getFields[sizeof($getFields)] = $field['Field']; } $fields = ""; $values = ""; if (sizeof($getFields) > 0){ foreach($getFields as $k){ if (isset($postData[$k])){ $postData[$k] = htmlspecialchars($postData[$k]
  3. oslo

    Class Person

    thanks a lot. it is very helpful!
  4. oslo

    Class Person

    hi all, i get a class person (get set), create an object (eg person=new person(). my problem is how to use get()-function to get values from a form and insert in db thank you.
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