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  1. Using link title element has become more popular since the rise of such widely used scripts as WordPress which by default duplicates the post title link in its title element. Still, despite being the common behavior, this method of using title element is both not right and annoying. Example: <a href=”/smater/” title=”Author’s biography”> Smarty</a> OR <a href=”/smater/” title=”More posts by Ann Smarty”> Smarty</a>
  2. I think this image representation helps to clear your confusion...
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    For the business growth should have the aware of basics of SEO. Some of the tactics and strategies are available and some of them are: • Build the great websites • Include the site map pages • Make a SEO friendly URL • Make a strong environment supportive of social media like facebook, Google plus, twitter etc…
  4. Bluefish is a powerful editor for web designers and programmers. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, but it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites. Bluefish uses a combination of toolbars with a configurable tab-based dialog for its interface. On the top of the interface Bluefish has what I refer to as the standard program interface. The standard program interface usually consists of drop down menus at the very top of the Bluefish window and toolbar buttons just below for the most common file and edit tasks like new, open, save etc.
  5. The <div> tag as very useful when dealing with Cascading Style Sheets. People tend to use the two tags in a similar fashion, but they serve different purposes. <div> tag also gives you the chance to define the style of whole sections of HTML.
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    http://www.cplusplus.com this is the best way of learning the C++ content with the best support of examples and explanations..Each and every part to be explained in the separate part of the content in detailed manner....
  7. • A fast PC ,but preferably a PC with a screen capable of a high resolution (1900 x 1200 preferably) • A fast internet connection that is always on • Some reliable hosting • A domain name and an email address of your own • You'll need software too, but much of what you need to develop your own sites is either free, or very cheap. The only really expensive software I use at the moment is Photoshop, but there are cheap (and free) alternatives to that too.
  8. What hosting are the best? A web server is a computer that is always switched on and connected to the internet. This computer holds one or more web pages and can be found by typing in a domain name (such as www.google.com).The top most web hosting services are: • Ipage • Inmotion • Just lost • Host gator • Fatcow • Web losting hub • Hostclear • Hostmonster • Bluehost
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