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  1. thank you very much for the code, the code has been helpful for me, although I am not a rookie with php and mysql, your example helped me a lot. however, I would like if possible to help me with something extra, I modified the instructions mysql and have adapted to an application with foreign keys in innodb table, Using innodb table, the update is not working, I've checked the code from the bottom up and top to bottom, the only thing that I changed are the mysql instructions, which operate under mysqlworbench. I know the topic is not about databases, or types of tables, but please could you help me telling me if the official application with innodb tables? I get the error: "/ / if the 'id' in the URL is not valid, or if there is no 'id' value, display an error" There is a difference between the auto increment field in a table myisam / innodb? Or is it that I delete something in the code that I can see ? Thank you very much for your time and reading my question / case.
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